Benefits of msm supplements for dogs

Amazing properties of MSM

Amazing properties of MSM

Did you know how amazing MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is? We cannot emphasize enough the incredible properties this natural ingredient has!

First of all  let us remind you - it is a source of natural sulfur. Don’t let the chemical name scare you. 

In natural ways you can get it from sea water. Some say it is even found in morning dew. 

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MSM is basic element of connective tissue

If a body lacks MSM (organic sulfur), it just won't “hold together”. No connective tissue, no ligaments, cartilage, skin or muscle strength. 

msm is used as carrier material for cells in dogs

MSM has a carrier function

This fantastic compound is responsible for and required for other substances to be effective.  It helps to open the cell membrane and bring in all in.

As an example - without MSM such substances as glucosamine and marine chondroitin won't have any effect. Therefore if you are looking for joint supplements, make sure it includes MSM or you give it to your pet separately.  

msm is used to lower inflammation for dogs

MSM is a detoxifier 

Since it has the properties to open cell membranes, it also has the ability to clean the cells of toxins. Once the toxins are out of the cell, the body gets rid of them in “natural ways”. 

It has amazing capabilities to find inflammation and sick parts of the body and do focused healing work there.  

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GIGI VET products containing MSM

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