SynocurVET | Joint & Bone Care for Horses


Joint & Bone Care for Horses

Premium quality nutritional supplement for horses designed to improve joint health. With natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.


SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses joint supplement strengthens and regenerates damaged joint surfaces, and promotes their vascularisation and innervation.

Use this functional feed supplement for your horse to prevent and treat joint diseases:

  • Arthritis, myositis, bursitis, tendovaginitis
  • Reduce inflammation and joint pain


  • Horses of all sizes and age


Premium quality ingredients in the GIGI VET horse supplement SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses ensure efficient results in the improvement of the wellbeing of your horse. 

  • Regenerates and moistures joint surfaces
  • Natural joint pain relief 
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Strengthens and regenerates blood vessels 
  • Doesn’t irritate the gastric mucosa
  • No negative effect on enamel
  • Natural components

best joint supplement for horses

SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses supplement contains essential ingredients for horse joint care: D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Marine Chondroitin, Calcium ascorbate (Ester C®), Chlorella extract, and a rare-find in this kind of a product - Boswellia extract (Boswellia PE 65%). Excipients (magnesium stearate, dextrose).

By giving SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses joint supplements you will significantly improve your horse’s wellbeing and perhaps even save him from irreversible medical procedures.

Give your horse a chance to gallop and do high jumps again!

Pharmacological properties and active substances in horse supplements SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses:

  • D-Glucosamine hydrochloride – provides joints with substances necessary for their regeneration. Glucosamine is vital for the synthesis of collagen, prostaglandin, and hyaluronic acid; it is well reabsorbed in the digestive tract and rapidly transforms in the joints.  
  • MSM - source of natural organosulfur. MSM contains 34% sulphur, which bioavailability is 85%. One of the functions of MSM is to ensure the exchange of potassium - sodium ions in cell membranes, on which the permeability of cell membranes depends. MSM reduces inflammatory reactions, relieves pain in joints and muscles caused due to arthritis, myositis, bursitis, and tendovaginitis. Organosulfur compounds activate fibroblasts and enhance synthesis of collagen glycosaminoglycans, and are the main elements of connective tissue. 
  • Vitamin Ester C® – a new patented form of vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate. In case of longstanding use, Ester C® does not irritate the gastric mucosa and does not have a negative effect on enamel. Ester C® promotes the effect of other Synocur VET components by increasing the penetration of glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane into the articular cartilage. 
  • Boswellia extract (Boswellia serrata) is a natural joint anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent in cases of joint inflammation (inhibits the synthesis of leukotrienes); strengthens and regenerates blood vessels, promoting microcirculation in damaged joint tissues. The effect of active substances of Boswellia (acetyl-boswellic acid) is similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents but without side effects. 
  • Marine Chondroitin – enhances the glucosamine effect, moisturizes joint tissue, and is one of the main components that provides cartilage elasticity; regenerates the structure of cartilage and connective tissue if they are damaged (arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.), and prevents cartilage wear.


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    One spoon of SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses contains:

    D-Glucosamine hydrochloride 19,8g
    Calcium ascorbate (Ester C®) 3,1g
    Boswellia 65% Extract 2,1g
    Chlorella Extract 1,5g
    Marine 90% Chondroitin 1,2g
    • Period of validity - 26 months from date of manufacture
    • Storage temperature ±0°C to +25°C. Relative humidity of not more than 75%.
    • SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses supplement is a 1250 g powder packed in a plastic box with a measuring spoon.

    Best quality ingredients

    SynocurVET Joint & Bone Care for Horses supplement contains D-Glucosamine hydrochloride, MSM, Calcium ascorbate (Ester C®), Boswellia 65% Extract, Chlorella Extract, Marine 90% Chondroitin, Crude protein, Crude ash, Crude oil and fat.

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