Imunofil | Strengthen Pets General Immunity


Strengthen Pets General Immunity

Imunofil - Excellent nutritional supplement to strengthen your pet’s general immunity


Use Imunofil natural cat and dog supplements to strengthen immunity. Relieves oestrus period for female dogs and cats.


Suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes and ages.

Support strong immunity and natural defense against infections.The best natural supplement for dog immunity


Imunofil tablets contain such substances as Chlorella extract, Garlic extract and Nettle extract which:

  • Helps to reduce specific odour of bleeding for female dogs and cats
  • Efficiently strengthens natural immunity

Pharmacological properties and active substances:

  • Chlorella extract (Chlorella sp.) contains chlorophyll, more than 60% protein and many easily assimilableessential amino acids. Chlorella contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (A, D, E, K), B group vitamins, minerals, trace elements. The high content of chlorophyll neutralizes secretion odour during oestrus.
  • Garlic extract (Allium sativum) – its active substance, allicin, has antibacterial and antiviral effects.
Allicin has a positive effect on the pet weight loss. Garlic powder contains active sulphur compounds, is a source of manganese, selenium, vitamins B6 and C. It has an active immunity stimulating effect, neutralizes specific odour during oestrus.
  • Nettle extract (Urtica urens) contains vitamins K, B2, PP, urticin glycoside, astringent proteins, formic acid, ascorbic acid, chlorophyll, lecithin and iron. Nettle has strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties, it promotes hematopoiesis. Nettle functions as an effective source of vitamins and minerals; nettle contains iron which has a high stimulating effect on the immune system. Nettle normalizes lipid metabolism, increases hemoglobin levels, promotes blood coagulation, reduces discharge during oestrus.


best natural supplement for dogs immunity

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      One pill of Imunofil dog and cat supplement contains the following active substances:

      Chlorella extract 300 mg
      Garlic extract
      200 mg
      Nettle extract 100 mg
      • Period of validity - 26 months from date of manufacture
      • Storage temperature ±0°C to +25°C. Relative humidity of not more than 75%.

      Best quality ingredients
      Imunofil cat and dog supplements contains Chlorella extract, Garlick extract, and Nettle extract. Our world-class pharmacists have spent years of research to make the best supplements for your pet.

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      In two decades the GIGI VET brand has helped to reach impressive dog health results. Our experts continue to bring the best quality food supplements for your pets.