da-ba RELAX Plus | Cat and Dog Calming Supplement


Cat and Dog Calming Supplement

Natural Cat and Dog Calming Tablets to Relieve Stress and Help Your Pet Lower Anxiety 


You have a nervous dog or cat and nothing seems to be helping to calm them down. Use da-ba RELAX Plus cat and dog calming pills to reduce the stress of your beloved pet in 45 minutes. 

It is a natural cat and dog calming product that is the perfect solution to stabilize your pet behaviour and improve the quality of life also for the owner.

  1. While driving in a car 
  2. Guests visiting your home
  3. Before doctor's visit
  4. Leaving a pet alone at home
  5. Dog is stressed and barking too much
  6. Long flights
  7. Heat periods
  8. Fireworks and other noises
  9. Lockdown
  10. and on many many more occasions.

Use these cat and dog calming tablets to prevent self-inflicted trauma.

Cat and dog calming supplement


  • Cats and dogs of all sizes.
  • Specially recommended during transportation (flights, car), fireworks and long heat periods.


Using natural calming tablets for dogs and cats will not only help your pet but you as well.

Da-ba RELAX Plus are calming tablets for dogs and cats containing Valerian root extract, Motherwort stem extract, and Melissa leaf extract. This is a medicine with a sedative effect. Effectiveness in ~45 minutes.

Help your cat to relieve stress and dog to calm down

Our world-class pharmacists have spent years of research to perfect the best cat and dog calming supplement formula for your pet:

  • Stress relief
  • Stabilize nerves and behaviour
  • Calmer behaviour
  • Improve heart health.

GET SOME SLEEP: No more sleepless nights because of your active cat or barking dog. Da-ba RELAX Plus cat and dog calming tablets will not only stabilize your pet's behaviour, but also improve quality of your life.

TRAVEL AND RELAX WITHOUT WORRIES: Long hours for your pet in a car or if you need to take your dog in an airplane, guests visiting, or fireworks outside. Situations like these will no longer be an alarming situation for your cat or dog. 

LEAVE YOUR PET SAFELY HOME ALONE: No need to cage your pet to protect them from hurting themselves. Lower dog anxiety and energy levels that cause uncontrolled chewing. 

PEACEFUL HEAT PERIODS: Lower the stress to your pet when it is needed the most. Perfectly works in heat periods.

Pharmacological properties and active substances in da-ba Relax Plus dog and cat calming tablets:

  • Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root extract contains Bornyl Acetate together with β caryophyllene, valerol, valeneral, and other monoterpenes. These substances have a calming effect on the central nervous system (CNS) and the circulatory system.
  • Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) stem extract contains flavonoids, essential oils, carotene, tannins, alkaloids, bitters, and minerals. They are used in cases of cardiovascular neurosis, overtax, insomnia, tension, and stress.
  • Melissa (Melissa officinalis) leaf extract contains phenol carbolic acid, triterpene acid, tannins, flavonoids, and minerals. These substances assist in preventing spasms; soothes, relax, and thus strengthen the nervous system.
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    One pill (1600 mg) of da-ba Relax Plus contains:

    Valrenian root extract 90 mg
    Motherwort stem extract 35 mg
    Melissa leaf extract 20 mg
    • Period of validity - 26 months from date of manufacture
    • Storage temperature ±0°C to +25°C. Relative humidity of not more than 75%.

    Best quality ingredients
    Da-ba Relax Plus cat and dog supplements contain Valerian root extract, Motherwort stem extract, and Melissa leaf extract. Our world-class pharmacists have spent years of research to make the best supplements for your pet.

    Trusted by thousands 
    Because of the quality and friendly price, the effectiveness of GIGI VET dog supplements has already been proven. Hundreds of thousands of dogs and their owners in more than 15 countries have already been returning customers.

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    In two decades the GIGI VET brand has helped to reach impressive dog health results. Our experts continue to bring the best quality food supplements for your pets.