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Mare is a 2.5 year-old female German Shepherd who was experiencing pain in her right hind leg. The diagnosis was arthritis and chronic inflammation in the knee joint, ligament tear, and calcification. The recommended treatment – operation.

After receiving the diagnosis, Mare’s owner Ilze was hoping to find an alternative, less invasive solution to treat her beloved dog or at least a remedy to ease the pain. 

It’s said that those who seek shall find, and so Ilze’s search was rewarded with a solution to her dog’s pain. We asked Ilze to tell us more about how Mare’s condition improved after participating in GIGI VET’s Health Month.

How did you decide to look for natural solutions to help Mare’s condition?

Firstly, I did not want to risk Mare’s health by putting her through an operation. It was also a financially demanding procedure, so I started to look for alternative solutions.

The first encouragement to try natural supplement and remedy treatment came as advice from an experienced hunter whose dog was in a similar situation some time ago. With the correct supplements and exercise, they managed to avoid surgery and continued hunting. They were told that might not lead to 100% recovery, but it could be up to 90% effective and they’d avoid the risks and costs of surgery. If all else failed, they could always operate.

How did the treatment with joint supplements begin?

I started treating Mare with several homoeopathic and natural remedies that seemed to improve her condition. However, there was still noticeable joint stiffness, and the pain was not completely gone after longer walks. You could see how Mare was protecting her leg by putting less pressure on it. So, I continued to look for the right dog supplements.

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How did you decide to participate in GIGI VET’s Health Month?

I heard about it from a member of our dog racing club who mentioned it as a possibility. I figured our own people wouldn't recommend anything bad. I took a closer look at GIGI VET’s products and found dog joint supplements with Boswellia extract which I had been looking for for a long time! 

It was Strong Joints & Bones which has not only Glucosamine and MSM which are necessary for joint treatment but also Boswellia extract which has natural and effective pain and inflammation relief properties. It was exactly what Mare needed. 

Having found the remedy for the problem, I took a leap of faith and Mare started the 30-day Health Month challenge. 

Did the results meet your expectations? 

My original expectations were that Mare would stop limping and we could continue to enjoy our long walks at the end of the 30-day challenge. However, after only two weeks of taking the Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements, Mare was already showing great improvements! She didn’t have any issues with taking a 12 km walk, and her stride was smooth without limping or hesitation of putting her full weight on all her legs! Before, Mare would avoid leaning on her injured leg. 

Canicross and other running races are not as important as having good quality of life. But after seeing such rapid improvements, I started to consider training Mare for a race again someday. 

So my expectations of improvements were met by 100%!

What were the biggest improvements in Mare’s life after 30 days? 

In just four weeks, we returned to our normal life at home and playing in the yard without any visually noticeable problems. There’s no more caution in her movement. 

The biggest improvements – no more stiffness and dragging her leg after getting up from sleeping.  Most importantly, the quality of Mare’s daily life has significantly improved! No need to slow down when having fun! 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I can give Strong Joints & Bones a hard 9!

Do you have any tips on giving supplements to your dog?

Mare is a large dog, so she needed 8 tablets per day in the first week and 4 per day for the rest of the challenge. She is a picky eater, so my trick was to hide the tablets in balls of liver pate. A small feast for her every day! 

The big dose we divided up between the morning and evening, but the regular one we took with breakfast. It was a routine Mare looked forward to.

 I guess the tablets have a nice taste and smell, so she didn’t try to pick them out as she does with parasite medicine. For a smaller dog, you would probably have to break the tablet into smaller pieces. 

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Did you notice any side effects when Mare was taking the Strong Joints & Bones supplements? 

In the first week with the double dose, perhaps her bowel movement was slightly harder than usual. But once the body adjusted and the dose was lower, there were no changes or side effects. 

Would you consider continuing to use these dog supplements? 

I would take a break from them for a while, try another product, and then come back to Strong Joints & Bones for Mare again. This would be to vary nutritional support and to not let her body get used to the product. If a dog has joint problems, you have to provide chondroitin and glucosamine all the time. It could be a smaller dosage, but it has to be regular to at least maintain the current level of joint health. 

For whom would you recommend Strong Joints & Bones supplements?

They’re highly recommended for all dogs with an active lifestyle and who are participating in any kinds of races. Every race is additional stress for a dog. If the dog’s overall joint and bone health is good, I would start to give the supplements a month before the race. But if the dog has a regular race season, then I’d give it throughout the whole active season.
When the dog is nervous, it takes energy away from its body which affects its performance. But the dog owner wants the dog to win and feel good!  


We thank Ilze for trusting GIGI VET and trying out Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements to improve Mare’s joint health. We are very happy to hear about the great improvements in Mare’s wellbeing, and we hope that her healing journey will continue successfully! 

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Please note that GIGI VET Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements DO NOT guarantee full joint health recovery or fixing of a ligament tear in 30 days. Each case is different and results can vary. We can start by helping your dog feel better by regaining the joy of movement, and we hope to help in the long term too!

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