The 5 most common signs your dog has joint problems

Supplements for joint problems in dogs

It is a SHAME that we only think about ourself, when our loved one, our happiness in the life is feeling bad.

Our BEST friend, dog, also has a heart, feelings and he wants to enjoy life.

Joint pain is the most typical problem which affects quality of dog’s life.

Sometimes you can instantly notice the pain, while other times the discomfort is silently hiding as a hereditary or chronic issue.

It may be arthrosis or dysplasia, perhaps a recent trauma. Nevertheless, your pet feels bad. 

Please don't AVOID it and help him NOW.

Here are the most common behaviours your dog may exhibit if it is experiencing joint pain:

1. Limping

This is the most obviously noticeable behaviour. If your pet isn't using only one of its limbs, it most definitely feels pain.

The first thing you should do is immobilize your pet and reduce the load from the affected limb. 

The pain can be caused by any number of things, including trauma, increased inflammation or chronic illness. 

2. Slow to get up and lay down

Getting up or laying down involves multiple joints.

If there is pain and inflammation in those joints, it will take more time for your dog to change positions. 

harder for dog to get up joint problems

3. Sleeping longer and more frequently 

You’d have to observe your pet for a longer time to notice significant changes in sleep habits.

However, sleeping longer in the mornings and being reluctant to get out of bed can be a sign that your dog is trying to rest and heal. 

4. Reluctant to go for walks or walking slower

As a pet owner, you may notice your furry friend doesn’t want to take its usual walks.

Or perhaps it is taking longer than usual to go the same distance. 

5. Excessive grooming and licking

To ease discomfort, dogs tend to lick the specific area that is bothering them.

You may notice excessive grooming or even a change of fur colour around the painful joint. 


Natural remedy for joint problems in dogs

If you see signs of one of these behaviours your dog most probably feels pain.

To avoid being in more dangerous place and paying thousands of euros to doctors, you should act NOW.

Only a few tasty Strong Joints & Bones tablets per day will help your dog.

Stiffness will reduce and he will feel much better.

Thanks to special MSM, D-Glucosamine and Marine Chondroitin formula, Strong Joints & Bones will strengthen and recover joints, as well provide the necessary amount of liquid, lubricating them.

After 30 days you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I know it sooner”, but your dog will enjoy the life again, while eating tasty tablets during his regular meals.



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