Puppy Bundle | Best Bundle for New Dog Owners

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At GIGI VET we love our pets and want the best for them from day one. That is the reason why we created the “Puppy Bundle”. This bundle offers the best natural dog supplements manufactured with the highest quality GMP practices in mind. The starter pack was created keeping new dog owners in mind. You will have all the necessary supplements and vitamins ready for your puppy. 



Puppy Growth & Health product provides essential vitamins for the development of your puppy or kitten! When growing up, it is important to fully provide the necessary nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to ensure development of strong joint and bone structure, and also boost the immunity.

These dog supplements are especially important for fast-growing large breed puppies. Puppy Growth & Health dog vitamins are made from all-natural ingredients, including natural fishbone powder Phoscalim®. It does not contain calcium carbonate that is artificial, easy to overdose, and can form dangerous layers on the bones and joints that can break off later on.


GIGI VET Puppy Growth & Health dog supplements contain the fundamental components for the healthy development of joints, bones and teeth. 

  • Strengthen bone tissue and joints
  • Support ear cartilage
  • Help build tooth enamel 
  • Support teeth replacement
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Treats bone fractures and arthritis

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GIGI VET's Stomach Health & Diarrhea Stop natural remedy is a must have not only for new dog owners, but is always good to have at hand. Use Stomach Health and Diarrhea Stop cat and dog diarrhea remedy in case of irritated digestive tract and diarrhea.

Stomach Health and Diarrhea Stop absorbs toxins and other harmful substances in the digestive tract, stabilizes the digestive tract function without affecting enzymes. Stomach Health and Diarrhea Stop is safe to use for pets of all ages as it doesn’t contain any antibiotics or hormones! 


GIGI VET’s dog supplement Stomach Health and Diarrhea Stop has a unique manufacturing solution. It contains high quality natural ingredients, that:

  • Normalize the digestive tract function 
  • Absorb toxins 
  • Prevents diarrhea of various origins
  • Is safe for dogs that have just given birth and her puppies
  • Doesn’t affect enzymes
  • Has strong antioxidant effect.

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DA-BA RELAX PLUS (30 tablets)

We all know puppies can sometimes be worried and stressed in a new environment or situations when they are left alone. We produce a natural calming supplement da-ba RELAX Plus for exactly that reason. We use natural ingredients like Valerian root, Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac), etc. Use da-ba RELAX Plus dog calming pills to reduce the stress of your beloved pet in 45 minutes. 

It is a natural dog calming product that is the perfect solution to stabilize your pet's behaviour and improve the quality of life also for the owner.


Our world-class pharmacists have spent years of research to perfect the best cat and dog calming supplement formula for your pet:

  • Stress relief
  • Stabilize nerves and behaviour
  • Calmer behaviour
  • Improve heart health.

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