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MAX STRONG Joints & Bones - Maximum Support for Dog Joint Functions


Use MAX STRONG Joints & Bones joint supplements for dogs to strengthen and recover hip & joint functions and improve the wellbeing of your dog!

  • During high intensity physical activities to support joint health
  • On daily bases for prophylactic and preventive purposes to maintain hip & joint care for dogs
  • For recovery and therapy after trauma or surgery to ensure pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties

MAX STRONG Joints & Bones provides improved joint care for healthy dogs in cases of intensive physical activities, as well as help relieve arthritis and dysplasia symptoms. If you notice your dog experiencing stiffness in joints and pain in movements, start using this functional feed supplement to reduce the discomfort.

If your dog participates in canicross or any other increased intensity physical activities, we recommend to richen nutritional support with additional dog supplements on a daily basis. It will provide the necessary additional nutrition to maintain joint and hip lubrication and tissue health.

Joint supplements for dogs with hyaluronic acid and collagen to protect joints during high intensity physical activities, and to restore joint tissue

the best bone and joint supplement for dogs


  • Small, medium dogs (up to 30kg) and large dogs
  • Adult, seniors, and large breed puppies from 3 months
  • Especially recommended for: Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd, Hungarian hound, Great Danes, Mastiffs.


Make the joy of an active lifestyle a part of your dog’s every day!

These are the joint supplements for dogs you have been looking for!

Thanks to our special MSM, D-Glucosamine HCL, and Marine Chondroitin formula with added Hyaluronic acid and Collagen, MAX STRONG Joints & Bones will work as a functional feed supplement to strengthen and recover dog joint function, as well provide the necessary amount of liquid, lubricating them. 

The active substances in this preparation will:


  • Protect joints during intensive physical activities
  • Stop joint stiffness and lubricate joints
  • Recover joint tissue and surface
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Work as natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory remedy.

Additional benefit – these are SUPER TASTY TABLETS: We guarantee that your dog will love the amazing natural flavour of these dog joint supplement pills.  

Pharmacological properties and active substances:

  • D-Glucosamine HCL is necessary for the recovery of joint surfaces and for the synthesis of collagen, prostaglandin, and Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin Ester C® - a patented form of vitamin C, an antioxidant with a prolonged effect, pH neutral (does not damage enamel, does not irritate digestive tract mucosa), period of withdrawal from the body – no less than 24 hours.
  • Marine Chondroitin strengthens the effect of D-Glucosamine HCL, provides the specific amount of liquid necessary to joints (lubricates the joint).
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – is a natural source of organic sulfur. MSM is the main building block of connective tissue. MSM promotes intracellular metabolism, activates and ensures the synergetic effectiveness of the other components. MSM is an important hair and skin nutrient.
  • Boswellia (Boswellia serrata) 65% extract is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with painkilling properties. It also improves blood circulation.
  • Hyaluronic acidensures the physical function of joints by lubricating them. It helps oxygen to access tissue, blood cells and lymphocytes. With age hyaluronic acid levels in the body drop and don’t restore naturally. 
  • Collagen – one of the most important structural proteins for formation of connective tissue (cartilage, ligaments, tendon).


Usage of MAX STRONG Joints & Bones supplement:

  • Per every 12,5 kg —1 pill per day 
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Vienā tablēte (1600 mg) ar For Large Joints & Bones suņu vitāminīniem sastāv no::

Metilsulfonilmetāns - MSM (Dabīga sēra avots) 640 mg
D-glukozamīns HCL 600 mg
Vitamin Ester C®  160 mg
Jūras hondroitīns 132 mg
Boswellia 65% ekstrakts 40 mg
  • Derīguma termiņš - 26 mēneši no ražošanas datuma
  • Uzglabāt temperāturā no ±0°C līdz +25°C. Gaisa mitrums nevar pārsniegt 75%.

Augstākās kvalitātes sastāvdaļas
Strong Joints & Bones suņu papildbarība satur MSM, D-glikozamīna HCL, Vitamin Ester C®, jūras hondroitīnu un bosveliju. Mūsu pasaules līmeņa farmaceiti un veterinārārsti ir veltījuši daudzus gadus, lai izveidotu vislabākos vitamīnus un suņu papildbarības produktus Jūsu mājdzīvniekam.

Tūkstošiem lojālu klietnu 
Pateicoties augstai kvalitātei un draudzīgajai cenai, GIGI VET suņu papildbarība un vitamīnu efektivitāte jau ir pierādīta. Tūkstošu suņu un to saimnieku vairāk nekā 15 valstīs jau ir bijuši atkārtoti klienti.

20 gadu pieredze
Divdesmit gadu laikā GIGI VET zīmols ir palīdzējis sasniegt iespaidīgus veselības uzlabojumus tūkstošiem suņu. Mūsu eksperti turpina izstrādāt vislabākās kvalitātes uztura vitamīnus un papildbarības produktus jūsu mājdzīvniekiem.