Uro-Ursi | Effective Cat and Dog Urinary Tract Treatment


Effective Cat and Dog Urinary Tract Treatment

Uro-Ursi - Natural Supplement for Cat and Dog Urinary Tract Health and Treatment


Use URO URSI natural cat and dog supplements in case of urinary tract complications.


  • All size and age cats and dogs
  • Highly recommended for castrated, sterilized, sedentary and obese pets.

Best urinary tract treatment for dogs

Natural supplement for the prevention of bladder stone diseases and cystitis in dogs and cats.


Restore the joy of movement in your senior dog’s every day! Natural and efficient support of urinary tract health and functions.

Uro-Ursi capsules contain such natural substances as Cranberry extract, Bearberry extract and Ester C (improved form of calcium ascorbate) which: 

  • Lower urine pH levels
  • Have a mild diuretic effect promoting excretion of crystals from the urinary tract
  • Have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial effects.

Pharmacological properties and active substances of Uro-Ursi natural cat and dog supplement:

  • Cranberry extract contains benzoic acid which enhances the effect of antibiotics and sulphonamides. Cranberries contain citric acid, quinic acid, benzoic acid and oleic acid, vitamins C and P, carotene, saponins, amino acids, rutin, quercetin, glycosides, trace elements (iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese). The tannin in cranberries has a special ability to attract and excrete pathogenic bacteria from the urinary tract. Cranberries have a healing effect in cases of urinary tract infections and cystitis
  • Bearberry extract contains phenolic glycoside arbutin (6%) which is broken down in the body, releasing hydroquinone and has antiseptic effect; it contains also astringents and flavonoids. The bearberry extract has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Hydroquinone, a product of glycoside decomposition, has antimicrobial and antiseptic effects. Hydroquinone is excreted through the kidneys, enhancing diuresis.
  • Vitamin Ester C® activates the function of enzymes in the body; it plays an important role in the prevention of infectious diseases in animals and inhibits the development of pathogens and acidification of urine. Vitamin Ester C® is rapidly reabsorbed and stays in the body for 24 hours.


Best supplement for dog urinary tract health

GIGI VET offers 100% money back guarantee



One capsule of Uro-Ursi dog and cat supplement contains the following active substances:

Cranberry extract 47 mg
Bearberry extract
58 mg
Vitamin Ester C® 
18 mg
  • Period of validity - 26 months from date of manufacture
  • Storage temperature ±0°C to +25°C. Relative humidity of not more than 75%.

Best quality ingredients
Uro-Ursi contains Cranberry extract, Bearberry Extract, and Ester C. Our world-class pharmacists have spent years of research to make the best supplements for your pet.

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