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Don’t let your ignorance hurt your puppy’s life!

Don’t let your ignorance hurt your puppy’s life!

It is a truly joyful day when your new puppy arrives home, however, it also comes with many challenges. Along with that giant dose of happiness comes a load of responsibilities, some of which can affect your puppy’s whole life. From day one, you have to safeguard your puppy’s health and nurture its well-being throughout its life. 

One of the biggest dangers you face is neglecting important stages in your puppy’s development. 

If the proper environment and nutrition are not provided, your puppy can grow up with a deformed skeleton and undeveloped bones and joint structure, afflicting it with a lifetime of frailty and low energy. 

These conditions can result in lameness, restricted movement and burning pain throughout its life. There are certain remedies and painkillers that can help soothe these issues, but they can come with the added problem of kidney malfunction.  

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Another thing you must pay serious attention to is building strong immunity. 

It can be challenging to monitor your puppy’s development, as you will only see that something’s not right when serious pain or illness kicks in. By that time, you will have paid the price with your puppy’s health, time lost for recovery from injury or sickness as well as your emotional endurance, not to mention money. 

Let’s say you have ensured the right environment and nutrition by giving your young pet healthy food and puppy supplements. How can you be sure the nutritional value of the food is enough for your puppy’s health? Are you certain the puppy vitamins are safe and aren’t actually hurting your puppy? 

The majority of dog owners don’t realize that some puppy bone and joint supplements contain calcium carbonate. It is artificial, easy to overdose on, and can form dangerous layers on the bones and joints that could later break off and create serious problems in the joints that could require surgery.

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The best advice here is to be aware from day one of your puppy’s health condition and pay utmost attention to nutritional support.

It is literally building a strong health foundation for the rest of your pup’s life – well-formed muscles and bones, properly functioning organs, and a strong immune system. 

Make sure you are providing your pup with such natural-source substances as calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, and other minerals that will promote joint, bone, and ear cartilage growth, and support teeth replacement. These minerals can be found in the natural fishbone powder Phoscalim®, which is safe to use.

In addition to minerals, support your puppy with vitamin D in doses between 100-120 ng/ml per day to remain healthy. It will help maintain the balance of phosphorus and calcium in the body and support the development of muscles, teeth and bones.

You can find Phoscalim and vitamin D as active substances in these puppy vitamins, that are developed by a veterinarian

It is safe to give puppy supplements to your pet from 12 weeks onwards. If you have any questions about vitamins for puppies or older dogs, feel free to contact us at

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