5 Signs Your Pet Needs Functional Feed Supplement

5 Signs Your Pet Needs Functional Feed Supplement

5 Signs Your Pet Needs Functional Feed Supplement

Every pet has individual health conditions, just as humans do. When getting a new furry friend, you can never know what sensitivities or genetic peculiarities may develop with age. However, you can observe your pet carefully. If you notice any of these signs, your pet might be in need of additional nutritional support. Functional feed can become crucial in supporting your pet's health and wellbeing. 

These are some of the signs you should look out for:

1. Changes in movement

Visible changes in movement can be a sign of joint or ligament pain due to lack of lubrication, inflammation or even osteoporosis, arthritis. Your pet needs additional nutritional support to maintain joint and bone health. 

2. Falling out of hair, itching, dim coat

Healthy skin and coat is a sign of good health. When your pet has signs of skin or coat problems, you need to check for allergies, parasites or skin trauma. To relieve the symptoms, skin moisturizing and coat nourishment is recommended.

3. Stressful behaviour 

Multiple external conditions can cause stress for your pet. It can be expressed by loud noises, scratching, chewing or even aggressive behaviour. To calm the central nervous system and avoid your pet hurting itself, natural remedies can be helpful. 

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4. Delay in development 

If you notice imperfection in the development process of your puppy or kitten (ear cartilage growth, teeth replacement, bone structure and immunity development), your pet might need nutritional support. Providing nutritional support early on will play a major role in their wellbeing for the rest of their lives

5. Internal organ dysfunction

Heart, stomach and urinary tract can have symptoms of impaired function at any age. Especially at senior years additional nutritional support can relieve symptoms and even prolong the wellbeing of your pet.

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