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No itching and reduced tiredness in two weeks? Yes, that's possible

No itching and reduced tiredness in two weeks? Yes, that's possible

Have you noticed that the number of people practicing an active lifestyle with dogs is growing? Regular physical activity is a precondition for good canine health. However, the heavier a dog’s physical load is, the wiser its owner must be to ensure the proper nutrition for maintaining good energy levels and heart health. 

Meet Dane, a 1.6 year-old female Eastern European Shepherd. Together with her owner Madara, they go on morning bike rides, participate in canicross races and take private bitework lessons. Madara decided to participate in GIGI VET’s Health Month for two reasons: (1) to speed up Dane’s post-activity recovery process and increase energy levels for better performance in races, and (2) to relieve Dane’s dry skin condition and dandruff

What is your experience in supporting Dane’s nutrition? 

Dane eats only fresh food daily. I plan her diet very consciously – fresh meat, eggs, natural calcium from egg shells, and sometimes some fruits. 

Why did you decide to try GIGI VET’s dog supplements?

After solving some skin problems, Dane ended up with itchy dry skin and dandruff. We tried to improve the condition with fish oil, but it didn’t bring the expected results. So, we were hoping to find a natural remedy that would be more effective. In this case, the Healthy Skin & Coat dog supplement was something we were eager to try out. 

Also, we lead a very active lifestyle. I was eager to find additional nutritional support for her body that could help in the recovery process. The better she recovers, the more efficiently we can continue with our activities. That is why FitPet dog supplements caught my attention.

What were the results once Dane started to take Healthy Skin & Coat and FitPet?

I was really hoping to relieve Dane’s scratching and help her improve her physical wellbeing and performance. I’m happy to say, we saw results in two weeks!

The scratching decreased after a week of using Healthy Skin & Coat. In two weeks, her coat was softer and shinier. With each week, dandruff became less noticeable,  but I think we’d need more than 30 days to get rid of it completely. 

As for FitPet, after one week of taking it, she would still pant after a 5km run and would want to lay down. But after two weeks and the same kind of a run, Dane was ready to play and do some activities instantly! Within four weeks, we’ve reached better recovery levels and improved physical endurance overall. 

Did you notice any side effects during these 30 days? 

No, nothing changed apart from the improvements we were hoping for.

What did you like or dislike about these dog supplements?

Dane loved the skin supplements! They were so tasty to her that she would run over every time I called, “Dane, time for the vitamins!”

It was a different story with FitPet which comes in capsules. I had to make sure she swallowed them every time. Otherwise, Dane would just chew and spit out the capsule without getting the nutrition. I would prefer if the product would be in tablet form. Nevertheless, we managed and the results are there. 

Do you have any advice on giving the supplements to your dog?

If the tablet has a nice taste, the dog will most likely eat it as a treat. Dane took her supplements in the morning. If your dog doesn’t like the tablet, you can crush it up and mix it with food or hide it in a treat. Otherwise, placing it in the dog’s throat will prbably be the most efficient way to ensure they swallow it. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate these supplements?

I give FitPet a 9. The results were truly beyond my expectations! 

Healthy Skin & Coat would be an 8. It’s a good product with efficient relief of itching, but we still need to work on dandruff. 

Would you consider continuing use of these dog supplements?

Yes, I will use the Healthy Skin & Coat dog supplements for at least another month to  see if all the skin conditions are resolved. 

We’ll use FitPet during the active racing season until winter. Then perhaps we’ll take a month off to see if her recovery time and physical wellbeing change. 

For whom would you recommend Healthy Skin & Coat and FitPet supplements?

I’d most definitely recommend trying Healthy Skin & Coat if your pet has skin and coat problems.

If your dog has an active lifestyle, FitPet can give good prophylactic nutritional support. I think it was a cool thing. Why not help your dog feel better? 


We thank Madara for trusting GIGI VET and trying out Healthy Skin & Coat and FitPet dog supplements to improve Dane’s skin health and physical wellbeing. It was a pleasure to hear about the visually noticeable coat improvements and how both of them are working towards more impressive energy levels!  

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Please note that GIGI VET FitPet dog supplements DO NOT guarantee unlimited energy levels for your dog in 30 days. They support overall heart health and can improve physical abilities. We recommend these supplements for dogs participating in races and hunting.

Each case is different and results may vary. We can start by helping your dog feel better by increasing their joy of movement!

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