Relieve Your Dog's Joint Pain In 2 Weeks - The Story Of Little Ozzy

Relieve Your Dog's Joint Pain In 2 Weeks - The Story Of Little Ozzy

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This is a story about a cheerful pug Ozzy who is in his senior years. Unfortunately, time has not spared his biological processes. At senior age Ozzy is experiencing joint and hip pain making it difficult to walk and get on the couch next to his owner Derrick.

Looking for a solution to ease Ozzy's daily life, they agreed to participate in GIGI VET's Health Month challenge and try Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements.

How did you decide to participate in GIGI VET's Health Month?

Ozzy is 10.5 years old. He’s a puppy at heart, but biologically he’s a senior. I noticed he isn’t as spry when he goes up and down the stairs in our home. Also, he has difficulty jumping up on the bed and the couch which he’d had no issues with before. Since I myself take joint supplements for occasional knee pain, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to try some joint supplements for dogs.

What expectations did you have before starting to use Strong joints & Bones god supplements?

I expected Ozzy to have a little more spring in his step when he walked and perhaps more ease of walking up and down the stairs.

How soon did you notice the first results? What were they?

The first results I noticed after maybe 9-10 days. He was definitely more peppy when walking up and down stairs in the house. However, I didn’t see significant change in his jumping onto bed or the couch. These require more strength and work of the hind legs, however, and lately I’ve noticed his hind legs lose traction when he walks around the house or he jumps off the couch, so there might be a bigger problem which a vet will need to check. He could have a problem with his hips which makes jumping onto the couch a challenge.

 What were the results after 4 weeks?

Results were slightly better than after the first two weeks, though still limited because of what is possibly a deeper problem with his hind legs. I’ll need to take him for an exam to the vet to see what’s going on there.

Did Ozzy's health improve as you were hoping for? 

Ozzy’s health improved, though I think Ozzy’s joint issues can’t be fixed with just supplements. We’ll have to work with a vet to see what the underlying issues are and how to fix them. This experiment definitely made me pay more attention to how he walks, sits, and jumps.

At least for now we have eased the pain and made his daily life more comfortable.I think he would have felt better today if we had already used dog joint supplements when he was younger.

Did you notice any side effects while using the supplements? 

There were no side effects, at least no negative ones.

Why did you like the product?

As any dog owner will tell you, it’s sometimes a pain to get your dog to take medications and vitamins. I can tell by the off-putting smell of some of the pills and tabs Ozzy takes for ticks, worms or other maladies that they probably don’t taste too good, not even to dogs who will eat practically anything. 

What I LOVE about GiGI Vet’s Joint Supplements is that Ozzy finds them yummy. Even though they are quite big and I have to give him two of them daily, he chews them up without extra persuasion and definitely without me having to hide them in other food. 

On a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate the product a 10. 

What was your method when giving the tablets to Ozzy? Any advice for other dog owners? 

With Strong Joints & Bones tablets we had no problems. He took them as tasty treats.

In the past we've had worse experiences with other tablets. Ozzy will either not eat bad tasting meds or will take them into his mouth and spit them out. Sometimes I think he’s swallowed them, only to later find them under the kitchen table or next to his bed. 

Then I have to up my game, hiding the pills in foods Ozzy loves and wolfs down eagerly, like sausage or bananas. 

If the tablets are big (as are the ones for worms), I have to break them into 6-8 pieces and sneak them into as many pieces of the banana or sausage. When you have an older dog, the number of medications you have to sneak by them increases, sometimes making for an exhausting ritual of hide-the-tablet.

Who would you recommend Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements to?

I would definitely recommend them to owners of senior dogs, but please keep in mind that there might be issues that supplements alone won’t fix.

Would you continue to give these supplements to Ozzy after the 30-day tryout?

Yes, I would.

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Please note that GIGI VET Strong Joints & Bones dog supplements DO NOT guarantee full joint health recovery in 30 days. Each case is different and results can vary. We can start by helping your dog feel better by regaining the joy of movement, and we hope to help in the long term too!

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